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Art Foam

Katja-Windau-Schauma-2011-2-600x600 Katja-Windau-Schauma-2011-5 Katja-Windau-Schauma-2011-7-600x848 Katja-Windau-Schauma-2011-10-600x800 Katja-Windau-Schauma-2011-15-600x465


Die Zelle des Piet M (The Cell of Piet M)

by Katja Windau

German artist Katja Windau created this installation inspired from Piet Mondrian, the inventor of neoplasticism. She covered a wall of pastel foams from the left overs of the production of furniture. She took magnified images and experimented effects through mirroring, and editing the colours slightly.

images from http://www.trendland.com