Anamnesis by Taganahan

S/S 15 Graduate Collection


Post-Final Collection Blues

Post Final Collection Blues

Graduate Fashion week is officially over, with it portfolios returned and graduates waiting for final marks. I suppose at the end, we remember how we all started. This photo was the beginning of my collection, a small exhibition of what the entity of our final collections would be in 3 months time. Since then, it has been an incredible ride. The 8 til 9 routine, Monday to Sunday trips to the studios and our tea and chocolate breaks that helps us get through the day! Its crazy to realise that we have finished and delivered the best we could.  I was at our Kingston university show at GFW and I must say how proud I am to my fellow graduates on the show! It was a great line-up from womenswear, knitwear and menswear. It’s been incredible but I must admit now I wonder, what’s next? Where do I go from here?





Photography by Ezzidin Alwan